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Pro leagues try blocking sports betting in N.J.

Charlie Goodwin

Charlie Goodwin

Sports betting can add excitement and fun to any game and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! Please remember, never give up as you have chosen one of the best businesses you could ever get into!
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Earlier in the day at a campaign event before the filing was released, Christie said, “We’re moving forward. All Rights Reserved. Of the three, only Delaware offers parlay betting in which bettors must correctly pick several games to win money.

The leagues filed a motion in federal court in Trenton, N.J., seeking an injunction that would stop the state from allowing casinos and racetracks to offer sports betting under legislation signed into law by Republican Gov. On its website, Monmouth Park announced it would “begin offering and accepting wagers on sporting contests and athletic events on Sunday, Oct. We’ll see what happens.”

This summer, Christie vetoed an altered version of the sports wagering bill that would have removed sports betting from state control, but in early September he issued a directive for Hoffman not to prosecute casinos and racetracks that offered sports betting.

New Jersey voters overwhelmingly approved a nonbinding referendum on sports gambling in 2011, and Christie signed sports wagering legislation in early 2012. District Judge Michael Shipp would rule on the leagues’ motion. The pro leagues and the NCAA sued later that year, and Shipp and the appeals court ruled against the state’s effort to have PASPA declared unconstitutional. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

The bill Christie signed effectively repealed the state’s laws against sports gambling. Chris Christie last Friday.

None of Atlantic City’s casinos has released a plan to offer sports betting. But acting state Attorney General John Hoffman withdrew the state’s request for the hearing after Christie signed the law.

Monmouth Park, a horse track, is the only location that has said it’s ready to accept wagers and has outfitted an area for a sports book operation. A spokeswoman for the Meadowlands Racetrack said Monday the track had no plans to implement sports wagering and was taking a wait-and-see approach..

A spokesman for Christie didn’t comment after the filing was made Monday, citing the pending litigation. That is seen as a way around a 1990s federal law that restricts state-sponsored sports gambling to Nevada and three other states. The U.S. He had been scheduled to hear arguments next month on whether he should modify his 2013 order prohibiting sports gambling in light of a subsequent appeals court ruling that sports gambling supporters saw as offering a legal justification. – The four major professional sports leagues and the NCAA filed papers in court Monday to stop New Jersey’s plan to allow legal sports betting beginning this weekend, when gamblers could become the first in the nation outside Nevada to wager on single games.

It wasn’t immediately clear when U.S. 26.”

New Jersey’s latest effort is “in clear and flagrant violation of federal law,” the brief states, adding that the law Christie signed “is nothing more than a de facto authorization of sports gambling.”

In that appellate opinion last November, the judges wrote that “we do not read PASPA to prohibit New Jersey from repealing its ban on sports wagering.”

© 2014 The Associated Press. Supreme Court declined to hear New Jersey’s appeal.

The National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball and the NCAA, in their filing, say New Jersey’s new law violates the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) by offering what amounts to state-sponsored sports gambling by restricting it to casinos and racetracks that are already heavily regulated by the state.

NEWARK, N.J see here

Vegas blackjack for novices I – why play blackjack? – National Las Vegas

Charlie Goodwin

Charlie Goodwin

Sports betting can add excitement and fun to any game and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! Please remember, never give up as you have chosen one of the best businesses you could ever get into!
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Why play blackjack?


This article series provides some tips and resources for those future Vegas visitors who desire to increase their knowledge base about playing Las Vegas blackjack games. That applies because blackjack is again a game of skill and player decisions have a direct effect on outcomes. Maybe among those reasons is that you’re clueless about how or where to play. Some players might eventually even consider aspects of advantage play methods (ie card counting ) if they truly desire to study and play the game seriously. Perhaps you’ve never played the world’s most popular table game because you’re intimidated by one or several potential reasons. Maybe you won a few bucks or, alternatively, the casinos thumped you badly enough that it inspired you in some way. Some of those suggestions will seemingly provide for miniscule reductions in house edges, but the cumulative influences will have a positive effect on player’s bankrolls for blackjack play in the long run.

OK..perhaps you’ve been to Vegas and played blackjack a few times. You have to accept a certain amount of that casino intent, but you can also utilize that as motivation to learn more and improve your individual game.

Another key reason to consider playing blackjack is comp accrual. Those decisions include use of accurate basic strategy, selection of the better games with more player – favorable rules, and application of assorted comp accrual tactics. Maybe you’re savvy enough to be aware that amidst all the glitz, women (or guys ?) in skimpy attire, and free liquor that the casinos are actually presenting this surreal environment with one goal in mind…to separate you from your money. Inherent in many of these suggestions is use of plain old discipline in a place that’s generally undisciplined.

Charles Higgins. Our goal here is to present some decisions and tools that will allow players to play games that will have no more than 0.5% house advantages off the top. All of those decisions are tools that players can use as frontline defenses against the casino’s perpetual assault on our gambling bankrolls.

Casinos maintain inherent house advantages or edges (0.5 – 35+%) over all players regardless of the games they choose to play. Blackjack (the standard traditional version with 3:2 payoffs for player blackjacks) provides one of Las Vegas’ best opportunities to acquire comps relative to other casino games. Blackjack is indeed a game of skill in that player decisions can have a notable effect on reducing house edge and subsequently the monetary outcome of the game. Skilled blackjack routinely offers the lowest house advantage over players as compared to all other casino games off the top ; full – pay video poker (if you can find them), pass line bets with odds at craps, and banker-only bets at baccarat are other casino games that offer lower house edges for gamblers, but blackjack is generally considered the game with the most player – favorable odds.

The balance of the Vegas blackjack tips that we’ll present here will inherently be based on making decisions that reduce house edge or increase player favorability, with the ultimate goal of providing approaches to retain more cash to burn on other Vegas vices / activities. The intent here is to provide a beginner – level info base that will allow players to minimize losses while still enjoying blackjack play in Las Vegas.

A recent review of insider, off the top blackjack house edges reveals a range of 0.19 to 2.02 % for Vegas casinos, which reveals huge differences in games, rules, and conditions for blackjack play in Las Vegas. Games such as roulette and slots are not games of skill, though there are gambling system marketers who would argue to the contrary. That’s an obvious mathematical and real – world axiom, though there are advantage play methodologies for some games of skill that can allow players to reduce and even overcome house edges for a portion of actual playing time see here

Reasons Why Gambling Should Be Illegal

Charlie Goodwin

Charlie Goodwin

Sports betting can add excitement and fun to any game and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! Please remember, never give up as you have chosen one of the best businesses you could ever get into!
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Generally, people fear to indulge in something illegal. Those addicted to gambling fail to think wisely before taking any decisions in life. Those addicted to gambling are often seen giving up their jobs and careers, thus spoiling their precious lives.

Gambling is meant to serve as a recreation. It gives rise to several ill-practices that can eclipse your family and social life. They tend to remain away from something that is banned by law. Their addiction forces them to risk huge amounts of money. When it comes to making money, one has to draw a line between need and greed. If addiction to gambling is entitled to punishment, gambling practices might become less prevalent in society. Many a time, law serves as the best stickler.

Gambling refers to the process of staking money in view of gaining more. Strict laws against gambling can prevent the number of people indulging into gambling.

Gambling can lead people to criminal practices.

What are the adverse effects of gambling? How does it affect society? Should gambling be illegal? Let’s take a look at the reasons why gambling should be illegal.

Making gambling illegal can solve this problem to a major extent, as it will keep an efficient check on the prevalence of gambling practices in society. Crime can best be curbed through the use of law and order. Gambling is something that blurs that line. These practices can perhaps best be curbed through the use of rules and regulations. An excessive indulgence in gambling can lead to severe problems like crime. It can lead you to addiction wherein you might end up losing great amounts of money with the greed of gaining more. People engage in gambling activities to get rid of their problems, stress and loneliness. It may lead them to a stage where they cannot stop themselves from betting money and valuables, in turn leading them to bankruptcy. Probably, one good solution to prevent the ill-effects of gambling is to make it illegal.

Why Gambling Should Be Illegal

. However, gambling often turns out being a thoughtless splurge of money and a waste of quality-time.

Gambling leads people to borrow money and take secret loans for betting see here

Wimbledon 2010 Roger Federer vs Tomas Berdych Betting Odds

Charlie Goodwin

Charlie Goodwin

Sports betting can add excitement and fun to any game and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! Please remember, never give up as you have chosen one of the best businesses you could ever get into!
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Wimbledon 2010 Betting Odds at like Federer, though, to the tune of -700 moneyline odds.

Tomas Berdych advanced to the quarterfinals at Wimbledon for the second time in his career with a four set victory over Germany’s Daniel Brands on Monday. Berdych, who reached the semifinals at last month’s French Open, won the match 4-6, 7-6 (7-1), 7-5, 6-3 after serving up 20 aces and winning 62 of his 77 first serve opportunities.

Federer has now reached the quarterfinals or better in 25 consecutive Grand Slam events, a streak that dates back to the 2004 Wimbledon Championships.

The 24 year old Berdych, who hails from the Czech Republic, has produced a 2-8 record in 10 career meetings with Federer; however, he did win his last match against the ATP’s second ranked player, a 6-4, 6-7, 7-6 victory at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami earlier this year. Federer is a perfect 4-0 against Berdych in their four previous Grand Slam matches, including a 6-3, 6-3, 6-4 straight sets win at Wimbledon in 2006.

Roger Federer labored his way through the first two matches at Wimbledon, but he returned to his typical championshipWimbledon 2010: Roger Federer vs Tomas Berdych Betting Odds form in scoring third and fourth round victories over Arnaud Clement and Jurgen Melzer, respectively. The Swiss champ played a highly efficient match, committing just 11 unforced errors while hitting 28 winners.

Roger Federer -700 Wimbledon 2010 Roger Federer vs Tomas Berdych Betting Odds:. However, Berdych has the skills to challenge the six time Wimbledon winner, which he will attempt to do at approximately 8:00am ET tomorrow morning.

Tomas Berdych +400

It looks like Roger Federer is back and that is bad news for his quarterfinals opponent, Tomas Berdych. Melzer, who Federer dispatched on Monday by a score of 6-3, 6-2, 6-3, won just 15 of 63 receiving point opportunites in the loss see here

Online bets ban. – Free Online Library

Charlie Goodwin

Charlie Goodwin

Sports betting can add excitement and fun to any game and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! Please remember, never give up as you have chosen one of the best businesses you could ever get into!
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All rights reserved.

COPYRIGHT 2006 Birmingham Post Mail Ltd

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

The moves were made as the sector prepared itself for the fallout following the controversial decision to ban gamblers in the US from betting online..

ONLINE gaming companies suspended business in the United States today after Congress backed a Bill to outlaw internet gambling.

888 Holdings said US customers would no longer be permitted to bet on its websites from today, while larger rival PartyGaming – the owner of Party Poker – said it would follow suit when President George Bush signs the Bill into law, which is expected in the next two weeks.

Copyright 2006 Gale, Cengage Learning see here

B2B Sportsbook Marketing Manager – Bulgaria

Charlie Goodwin

Charlie Goodwin

Sports betting can add excitement and fun to any game and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! Please remember, never give up as you have chosen one of the best businesses you could ever get into!
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You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Sportsbook Marketing Manager will work on building very good front-end for best UX and marketing utilization as well as work with new and existing clients on the marketing side of their project and take them from launch to success.

Position: B2B Sportsbook Marketing Manager

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Work with the design team on new sports and casino website concepts from scratch with the objective of modern design that integrates best UX, usability and maximum business utilization for new B2B clients 

Marketing consultancy for new and existing clients for business optimization in all key mar-keting areas 

Sports and casino marketing campaigns and materials creation walkthrough and advice with consideration of target audience and market fit

Marketing point of contact and creative sign off for all B2B clients

Function as success manager for the company B2B clients.

Job Description:



To stay up to date with the latest industry developments and employment opportunities, sign up to our free newsletter, the Daily News Review from Gaming Intelligence.

2+ years’ experience in online gaming marketing with focus on the above mentioned areas of responsibilities. Experi-ence in concept, design and analysis of online marketing promotions and campaigns

Highly motivated, creative and strong team player

English in mother tongue level, written and spoken 

Results driven. Work with the customers closely to optimize their marketing campaigns and performance.

If interested please send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. Sportsbook marketing experience – big plus

Experience working with UI, writing design briefs and managing design tasks 

Proven experience in managing content and promotions for online gaming brands see here

3 Popular Vegas Hotel Casinos by Natalie Brient

Charlie Goodwin

Charlie Goodwin

Sports betting can add excitement and fun to any game and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! Please remember, never give up as you have chosen one of the best businesses you could ever get into!
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When people come to Vegas, they often stay at the MGM, Mirage, and Circus Circus because they all offer cheap Vegas rooms.

MGM is a popular Vegas hotel casino. Upon entering the Mirage, the visitor is welcomed by a 54-foot high volcano and an indoor rainforest. For more information visit to our site at

Las Vegas draws a large crowd because of its entertainment culture, luxury resorts and popular casinos. In addition to being a world-class casino, the MGM offers live shows and comprehensive spa services. Las Vegas has its share of hotel casinos and offers a wide variety of options, including cheap Vegas rooms, to visitors looking for the perfect balance of luxury accommodations and entertainment. With live shows and its tropical-style theme, it?s no wonder why this is one of the more popular Vegas hotel casinos.

Circus Circus is a great hotel and many families choose it because one of the cheap Vegas rooms. The MGM is more than just a classic casino; it is an upscale resort-style hotel.

The Mirage is a popular hotel casino and it?s unlike any other hotel you have ever seen. The newly remodeled rooms at the facility are an added bonus for many.. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate its tropical design. It also offers live shows by the famed Cirque du Soleil. The facilities offer five outdoor pools and three whirlpools. This hotel features live circus acts, an arcade, and clowns that make for a wonderful family vacation experience.

A Vegas hotel deal can be easily found and booked online with certain travel sites see here

Alleged Victims of Harrah’s Casino Assaults Call for Criminal Probes

Charlie Goodwin

Charlie Goodwin

Sports betting can add excitement and fun to any game and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! Please remember, never give up as you have chosen one of the best businesses you could ever get into!
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A spokesman for the Atlantic County prosecutor said the office also did not wish to comment.

Holiday From Hell? Atlantic City Vacationers Describe Being Roughed Up by Harrah’s Security

Sean Oaks, a college student, and Rob Coney, an aspiring businessman, were featured in an ABC News “20/20″ investigation into the hotel’s security procedures, which aired last week.

When ABC News showed Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian the surveillance footage last month, he said he was shocked by what he saw and dismayed that the incidents could create a further deterrent for tourists looking for a fun place to spend a few days.

Maggiano and attorney Paul D’Amato told ABC News they believe the incidents are part of a pattern of violent behavior by the security guards at Harrah’s in Atlantic City. All the closings are a result of a downward spiral in gaming revenue that comes as newly-legalized rival casinos have sprouted up in surrounding states.

The shocking images of tourists being beaten or violently manhandled comes at an inopportune time for Atlantic City, a former gambling mecca that has suffered a sharp decline in business in recent years, according to Mayor Don Guardian.

Both men told ABC News in interviews that modest disagreements in the hotel quickly escalated, and they were stunned to find themselves being tackled by a group of security guards and hauled to a secluded hotel holding room. “It must be criminally investigated, over and above the civil litigation, and it must be stopped before someone is killed.”

Attorneys for two Philadelphia men who allege they were beaten by security guards at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City have called on state and federal prosecutors to launch criminal investigations into the separate incidents, which were both captured on security video.

World News Videos | US News Videos


The gleaming 70-story Revel Casino Hotel on Tuesday became the third of the city’s largest casino hotels to announce plans to shut its doors. Security footage provided to ABC News by the mens’ attorneys showed Oaks, 26, emerging from a scuffle with a gash under his eye, while cameras appeared to capture one-time basketball standout Coney, 25, as a security guard struck him on the head with a baton. But in a written statement Harrah’s said, “Our security personnel are trained to use the least amount of force required to manage any particular incident while ensuring they are taking necessary steps to protect guests, employees and themselves.”

“There is no place for this kind of brutal, barbaric conduct by anyone – let alone security officers in a hotel-casino – in a civil society,” said Michael Maggiano, one of the lawyers for the two men, during a press conference Tuesday. When that occurs, we’re in the wrong business.”. Attorney’s office in New Jersey declined to comment on the incidents. Coney can then be seen bleeding from the head, with a trail of blood smearing the floor as guards dragged him across the hotel floor.

“This is a city that needs to be hospitable,” Guardian said. Caesars did not respond to an inquiry about the fresh call for a criminal investigation into the incidents. Oaks and Coney were among several plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits against the casino over aggressive treatment.

Harrah’s and its corporate parent company Caesars Entertainment would not provide anyone for an on-camera interview and declined to comment on specific cases or the videos. Officials with the U.S. “That type of activity can’t occur. The Atlantic Club and Showboat, also announced plans to close recently see here

Superbowl Betting

Charlie Goodwin

Charlie Goodwin

Sports betting can add excitement and fun to any game and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! Please remember, never give up as you have chosen one of the best businesses you could ever get into!
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The lines will help you see trends and other gambling highlights that may sway you to bet one way or another. Your winning at Superbowl betting is what our business is all about. However, by choosing us, you are choosing the best Superbowl betting site with the best Superbowl betting live lines. The Superbowl playoff game marks the end of the football season ending with one team being crowed champion of the world of football. Some people believe that the more you research Superbowl betting the more likely you are to be successful in gambling. The Internet has changed things, however, and has made it a much more even “playing field” for mansion88 gamblers. Using the Superbowl betting live lines will help you place your bets on the Superbowl game.

Betting on the Superbowl can be a lot of fun-trying to decide what team to bet on can be interesting research. Our offer of these Superbowl betting lines are for your convenience and pleasure to peruse before you place your bets. The Superbowl is one of the most watched televised sporting events of the entire year, second to none. These gamblers who bet on the Superbowl carefully watch the Superbowl betting lines before they place their bets. Mass amounts of money will exchange hands during the Super Bowl.

Money line wagers are placed for a team to win the game.

What are you waiting for? Superbowl betting and Superbowl betting lines are only a few clicks away. Betting on the Superbowl is just one aspect of online gaming, albeit a large aspect. The Superbowl is a billion dollar industry, not just for the game itself but also for gambling. The Superbowl betting live odds that are available for you are some of the most premier that can be found on the Internet. Checking through the Superbowl betting lines can be very interesting to read and go through. Checking out the Superbowl betting lines before you place your bets is a wise decision. Before Internet gambling came along, finding Superbowl betting lines took some work, and it was hard to find reliable sources. Superbowl betting online is a big industry and you can win thousands and thousands of dollars by placing your bets on this super championship football game.

People gamble for many reasons-to have some fun, to win some money and to be involved in the sport that they know and love. Many gamblers across the world have thousands of dollars at stake on the outcome of the Super Bowl, the spread and bets within bets. Our Superbowl betting site is honestly one of thousands that are available to you on the Internet. Furthermore, we assure you that our Superbowl betting live lines and Superbowl betting odds are equal with the best on the net. Betting on the Superbowl is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in gambling-the outcomes are guessed by experts the world over to produce the Superbowl betting lines for you to look at. The Superbowl is one of the most bet on games around the world.

Come on in and check us out. The Superbowl is the Mecca of sports gambling and betting is at it’s peak during this sports event. By checking out our Superbowl betting lines, you are ensuring that you are placing a well educated bet and placing your money wisely. We keep you up to date on all the teams and all the pertinent information that you need to know in order to place your wager on the Superbowl championship game.

Superbowl betting live lines are available for you to peruse before you place your bet. You will have consistent access to the most up to date Superbowl betting lines when you are a member with us. Even when you did find a reliable source for Superbowl betting lines, that was usually it – it was too hard to compare the lines from several sources. In the last few years, online gaming has exploded across the Internet, it is one of the fastest growing markets on the Internet and daily, thousands of new people join the Internet and begin to gamble online. The best Superbowl live lines are only a few clicks away for your perusal before you place your Superbowl bets. Please, do not bet on the Superbowl with the need to win, there is, of course, a chance that you may lose. A lot of the gambling that is done online involves sports. Check the Superbowl betting odds before placing your straight bet to ensure that you can make a well educated bet.

When you are going to place your bet on the Super Bowl, you have a few different options-straight bets, totals, parlays and teasers.

Gambling is meant to be fun, and it can be a lot of fun on a Superbowl betting site. In the Superbowl betting live odds, you will find a lot of information to help you place your bet on the Super Bowl.

If you are looking for a Superbowl betting line then looking online is one of your best bets. Superbowl betting on the Internet is easy, fun, and gamblers can compare Superbowl betting lines from a variety of different sports gambling websites.. By using a sports book which is dedicated to your gambling pleasure, you can ensure that no matter your wager, large or small, you will be treated as you deserve to be treated.

If you are new to online sports betting on the Super Bowl, there are a few things you should know before you begin. All of our customers are important to us, which is why we offer Superbowl betting live lines to all of our players all of the time.

The Superbowl is the largest and most bet on football game. It is proven that the more up to date odds you view, the more likely you are to place a successful bet, but nothing in the world of gambling is full proof. Fans persist in see here

SurePayroll Fantasy Index Returns as NBA Season Opens

Charlie Goodwin

Charlie Goodwin

Sports betting can add excitement and fun to any game and will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout! Please remember, never give up as you have chosen one of the best businesses you could ever get into!
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For more information about Paychex and our products, visit

“Some of the lesser known names are producing nearly as much as bigger stars, but their cost is far less in a fantasy auction scenario,” said SurePayroll Vice President of Marketing Scott Brandt. The index suggests which players could be undervalued based on their fantasy cost per fantasy points. The company offers comprehensive payroll services, including payroll processing, payroll tax administration, and employee pay services, including direct deposit, check signing, and Readychex®. If you grabbed some of our picks late, though, you may be in for a surprisingly good fantasy season.”

SurePayroll is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paychex, providing an easy, online, convenient payroll service that keeps our more than 40,000 small business customers in control. A variety of business insurance products, including group health and workers’ compensation, are made available through Paychex Insurance Agency, Inc. For accountants and banking partners, SurePayroll provides private-label and co-branded services that enable them to offer online payroll processing to their small business clients. Rookie phenomenon Robert Griffin III was one of SurePayroll’s “safe bets” based on how he was valued at the beginning of the season.

About SurePayroll

About Paychex

Paychex, Inc. We provide affordable payroll services for value-minded small businesses, so we like to do the same with fantasy sports,” Brandt said. The index uses a statistical analysis that compares 2012 average values for fantasy basketball guards, forwards and centers to the players’ 2011 performance. The index also listed Jordy Nelson as a better value than Calvin Johnson, and touted the discount for Victor Cruz, who is having a standout season with the New York Giants. (NASDAQ:PAYX) is a leading provider of payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses. Paychex was founded in 1971. Rounding out its all-value squad are Rajon Rondo, Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans, Ryan Anderson, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Roy Hibbert and rookie Anthony Davis.

See the infographic of the SurePayroll Fantasy Basketball Index on the company’s blog for the company’s predictions on who will be a steal in the fantasy NBA this season.

SurePayroll released a fantasy football index earlier this year where they boldly suggested avoiding overvalued players such as running backs Chris Johnson and DeMarco Murray. GLENVIEW, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SurePayroll Inc., a leader in providing online payroll to small businesses nationwide, today released the SurePayroll Fantasy Basketball Payroll Index infographic. “Plus it’s fun to see how well our predictions hold up at the end of the season.”

While anyone can tell you that Lebron James or Kevin Durant will have big seasons, SurePayroll looks for value all stars like Milwaukee’s Monta Ellis and Brooklyn’s Gerald Wallace. “Only a couple people have a shot at the Lebrons and Dwight Howards of the NBA. This is the second in a series of infographics by SurePayroll that started with fantasy football in August.

“It goes back to our small business mentality. For more information, please visit The company has received numerous prestigious awards for its innovative technology, and outstanding customer service and sales teams, including recognition from PC Magazine, Accounting Today, the American Business Awards and many others. Human resource services include 401(k) plan recordkeeping, section 125 plans, a professional employer organization, time and attendance solutions, and other administrative services for business. SurePayroll also offers efficient online solutions for managing 401(k) plans, health insurance, workers’ compensation, employee screening and more. With headquarters in Rochester, New York, the company has more than 100 offices serving approximately 567,000 payroll clients as of May 31, 2012 see here